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Welcome to ECC (E-Course Certification), the leading authority in certifying high-quality online courses.

We are passionate about promoting excellence in e-learning and providing recognition to course creators who demonstrate a commitment to delivering exceptional educational experiences.

At ECC, we understand the transformative power of online education and its ability to reach learners worldwide.

Our mission is to establish trust, credibility, and standards of excellence within the e-learning industry by recognizing courses that meet our rigorous criteria for quality and innovation.

Values That Lead Us



We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to recognizing and certifying online courses that meet the highest standards of quality, innovation, and educational value.



Trust is at the core of our certification process. We build trust by implementing rigorous evaluation criteria, maintaining transparency in our processes, and upholding the integrity of our certification as a symbol of trustworthiness and credibility.



We embrace innovation as a key driver of progress in online education. We encourage course creators to push boundaries, explore new teaching methodologies, and leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance the learning experience. We value creativity, forward thinking, and the pursuit of innovative solutions to shape the future of e-learning.


Lifelong Learning

We are passionate advocates of lifelong learning. We believe in the transformative potential of education and its ability to empower individuals and communities. Through our certification, we aim to promote lifelong learning opportunities that inspire personal growth, professional development, and intellectual enrichment.

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Get our certification badge as hundreds of other dedicated course creators who strive for excellence in e-learning.

Whether you are an individual instructor, an educational institution, or a corporate training provider, our certification will help you establish your course as a symbol of quality, trust, and educational value.

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